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Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021

Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021

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Product information "Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021"

Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021 is the suitable protection software for independent workers and small companies. With just one product key, several desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and notebooks can be protected from ransomware, viruses and other threats. The security of the personal and financial data of company clients is also increased. Data loss or unauthorised data access can quickly lead to major damage for a company. With easy to operate but functionally strong software like Small Office Security, the risks of cyber attacks can be minimised. With it, an original product key can be acquired for a complete security solution that does not impede the productivity of the employees. Buying Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021 is a decision in favour of a resource-protecting anti-virus program.

Multi-layer, forward-looking protection

There are several options when buying Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021. Product keys are available for five, ten or twenty devices as well as various terms. Thus, the subscription can be tailored to your own requirements. An advantage of the program is that it detects some digital threats in advance and can ward them off. The Bitdefender Shield takes a lot of worries away from the users. A range of technologies remove viruses, ransomware and similar things without users having to deal with detailed matters. Furthermore, the software detects malware aimed at macOS devices as well as such aimed at Windows devices. This is important above all when, in a professional setting, one sends files to other persons who may use a different operating system. A further useful function is the access restriction to files for trustworthy programs. Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021 can thus prevent malware from making unauthorised changes to important data.

Protect files and privacy from cyber criminals

Purchasing Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021 offers access to a range of useful functions. For instance, PC and Mac users can restore files from backups using the “Time Machine” function. This makes ransomware less dangerous. During ransomware attacks, files are encrypted and are made usable again only against a ransom. If the security suite possesses its own copies of the files, you do not need to pay any ransom to criminals. The helpful features of Small Office Security 2021 also include the use of Bitdefender VPN. This can be used to encrypt up to 200 MB of data per day on a price-inclusive basis. Thus, for example, business data is more secure in public WiFi networks. Of course, Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021 also sounds the alarm in the event of unauthorised access to online banking platforms as well as microphones and webcams.

Convenient cloud-based management

Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021 is part of the large product family of the established Romanian company Bitdefender.
Hence, customers have the option of using Bitdefender Central. This is a particularly good option for companies and individuals who have taken out several subscriptions with the provider. With this online service, the various subscriptions can be managed in one place. Bitdefender Central allows the easy to understand administration of the security suites. Therefore, managers and employees do not require any IT skills to set up their Windows, Android, macOS and iOS devices. If the Bitdefender protection is activated on the devices, it can be controlled by means of the browser or the app. Those who decide to buy Bitdefender Small Office Security 2021 can thus have their connected devices scanned by the Bitdefender Central Mobile App at any time.

System requirements


Operating system:
Windows 7 with Service Pack 1; Windows 8 or 8.1; Windows 10

minimum 2 GB

Available hard disc memory:
minimum 2.5 GB

Web browser for the use of Bitdefender Central:
Chrome 56 and higher
Firefox 52 and higher
Microsoft Edge


Operating system:
macOS X Yosemite (10.10) or higher

Available hard disc memory:
minimum 1 GB

Web browser:
Chrome 56 and higher
Firefox 52 and higher
Safari 10.0 and higher


Operating system:
iOS 11.2 and higher


Operating system:
Android 5.0 and higher
(for the use of Bitdefender Central: minimum Android 5.0)

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