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G DATA Antivirus 2020

G DATA Antivirus 2020

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Purchase G DATA Antivirus 2020 and enjoy a secure system G DATA Antivirus 2020 is an ideal... more

Product information "G DATA Antivirus 2020"

Purchase G DATA Antivirus 2020 and enjoy a secure system

G DATA Antivirus 2020 is an ideal antivirus solution for private users. The software is optimised for low resource utilisation while you work, and thus for high speed - even when scanning important data in the background. As such there is no need to worry about a loss of performance when using other applications. In order to guarantee the program's high virus detection rates, it has two virus scanners that work simultaneously. These search both for already known malware and for brand new viruses and threats, which are only local, limited to the respective device. The fact that such technology is necessary provides insight into the emergence of new viruses: new malware crops up on the Internet approximately every six seconds. Users who purchase G DATA Antivirus 2020 provide themselves with the best possible protection against this.

In order to guarantee reliable protection, G DATA Antivirus 2020 adopts a proactive approach. As soon as executed files behave suspiciously - for instance, by starting background processes that have nothing to do with the actual file - they are stopped by the antivirus software. Experienced users can then decide manually what should happen with the file. All others can rely on the software's secure default settings. This also works for downloads: They are not fully downloaded to the PC if the antivirus scanner establishes a threat within them. Because the Internet is the biggest gateway for malware of all kinds, with this technology users provide themselves with very effective protection.

As soon as users purchase G DATA Antivirus 2020, they also protect themselves against security gaps in other programs such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office and similar applications. No software can ever be 100% secure - and G DATA Antivirus 2020 ensures that any security gaps remain closed. As such, users have nothing to fear when security gaps that are specifically tailored to the software on their personal computer are exploited This also functions for gaps that are as yet unknown: the antivirus program checks how the malware is behaving and whether or not its behaviour differs from that of normal programs.

Through the use of hte tool, surfin g the Internet s also made much more secure: the virus-scanner blocks websites that are infected with harmful code before they are even called up. Shopping on the Internet or online banking thus become much more secure. These security features also extend to cover special banking trojans: these exist to manipulate transfers and therefore in some cases result in significant losses. Through the BankGuard technology integrated into G DATA Antivirus 2020, manipulations of this kind are detected immediately and are then replaced with the original transfer. In the same breath, the malware is of course deleted.

What's more the program also provides excellent protection against extortion trojans, which have become more widespread in recent years. These encrypt the content of a hard disk and only release it subject to the payment of a fee. Here too is a proactive technology put to use, which prevents any data from being encrypted. In case of suspicious activities on the hard disk, the antivirus solution stops this process immediately and provides you with feedback on it. Extortionists thus have no chance with users who purchase G DATA Antivirus 2020 and as a reqult acquire comprehensive protection against threats of all kinds and know that their files are permanently secure.

When developing the software, care was taken to ensure the minimal utilisation of resources. In spite of the numerous features, which offer protection against infected emails as well as the aforementioned mechanisms, no loss of performance can be observed, even on older machines. This is also reflected in the low system requirements. Even older computers and notebooks can thus protect themselves exceptionally well when users purchase G DATA Antivirus 2020.


System requirements

Operating system Support for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 in 32-bit or 64-bit version
Memory at least 2 GB RAM
Hard disk at least 500 MB free storage capacity
Internet active Internet connection for signature updates required
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