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Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe

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Please note: once you have purchased and activated the software, after the licence expires it... more

Product information "Norton 360 Deluxe"

Please note: once you have purchased and activated the software, after the licence expires it will automatically be extended at the manufacturer's price. In order to avoid this, once you have activated the software, you can disable automatic extension. 

Norton 360 Deluxe: intelligent and consistent multi-device protection

Norton 360 Deluxe closes off a security vulnerability which presents a major problem for countless private individuals: not all internet-enabled devices are protected by anti-malware software. For example, smartphones often do not have the relevant line of defence. This is problematic, if only for the reason that such devices are, as a rule, on the same network as protected computers. Malware is capable of spreading without anti-virus software being able to prevent it doing so. For this reason, comprehensive and intelligent multi-device protection is essential. This is exactly what users who purchase Norton 360 Deluxe obtain.

Purchase Norton 360 Deluxe: these features guarantee your security

  • Protection for PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets (with iOS and Android)
  • Threats are identified and defended against in real-time
  • Child protection
  • Secure VPN: don't leave a footprint online
  • Large cloud storage for backups
  • Secure webcam from PCs
  • Password manager

Protect all internet-enabled devices with a single piece of software

It says it in the name: Norton 360 Deluxe is software which promises 360 degree all-round protection. This refers not only to defence against threats, but also to what is being protected. The average user can protect all their internet-enabled devices. The solutions works for PCs, computers with MacOS as well as smartphones and tablets which run iOS or Android. The deluxe edition allows you to arm five devices against threats. It is up to the user which devices they wish to protect. A family with four smartphones and a computer is just as able to protect all their devices as a household with three PCs, a Mac and a tablet. This multi-device protection means that this edition is suitable for private users of all kinds: from the family mentioned earlier to the single user with multiple devices which they want to protect simultaneously.

Comprehensive and intelligent protection from threats

Users who purchase Norton 360 Deluxe can place their trust in smart and comprehensive protection against threats. The software identifies and defends against potential threats in real-time. The protection is on various levels: not only does it defend against malware of all kinds, but also against spyware and ransomware. The Norton program prevents its users being spied on or sensitive data being 'hijacked' and encoded with a view to ransom money being demanded. A firewall ensures that most malicious programs do not even make it through the 'front door'. In addition, if the worst comes to the worst, there is 50 GB of cloud storage space available in order to draw on backups without a problem. In the event of an attack you should, however, never need this feature: Norton promises to deal with all viruses.

Protect your privacy with Norton 360 Deluxe

Users who purchase Norton 360 Deluxe, not only defend their devices against threats, but also protect their privacy. A specially protected virtual private network, what is called a secure VPN, ensures that users do not leave an online footprint. There is no way of tracing which pages the user has accessed or which services they have used. Secure VPN likewise gets around Geoblocks. If, for example, there are particular webpages which can only be accessed from the USA, Canada or the UK, then VPN removes this restriction.

What's more, PC users can enjoy the feeling of not being spied on via their webcam. Norton 360, via SafeCam, takes control of the camera. The program becomes a doorkeeper, regulating access to the hardware. Since the software shifts between the operating system and the camera, you cannot get round its protection. You can picture it like this: there is only one door to the camera and Norton is guarding it.

If children have access to devices, Norton provides integrated child protection, which restricts or blocks access to particular webpages or the use of special online internet services. The integrated password manager ensures that unauthorised persons do not have access to users' accounts. The password manager allows users to work with secure passwords throughout the internet - they just need to remember the password for their account.

System requirements:

PC and Mac: Operating system: at least Windows 7 or the latest-but-one version of MacOS

Hardware: processor with least 1 GHz clock frequency. At least 256 RAM and at least 300 MB available on the hard drive.  

Mobile devices: At least Android 6.0 or the latest-but-one iOS

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