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Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 (15 devices)

Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 (15 devices)

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Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020: all-round protection for the whole family The Bitdefender FAMILY... more

Product information "Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 (15 devices)"

Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020: all-round protection for the whole family

The Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020 has been designed to protect several people per household against harmful attacks via the internet. Special features tailored for children ensure that the software can protect every age group - even without technical background knowledge. People who buy Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020 also receive extensive support from the manufacturer, available 24 hours a day. Since the program is available for all currently relevant operating systems, the other devices used in the household only play a minor role.

The application's most important core function is its comprehensive protection against threats of all kinds: these include both comparatively harmless adware, which delivers unsolicited advertising to individual devices, and serious threats such as malware. Trojans, which encrypt the contents of the hard drive, are also no longer such a threat thanks to the FAMILY PACK 2020.Phishing attempts are also effectively blocked by the security program - and even protection for Apple's exclusive Time Machine backup feature is included. By buying Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020, users can be sure they are installing complete protection against all kinds of threats - one that takes up very few system resources and goes about its work unnoticed in the background.

Among other things, the child safety features are worthwhile for families: for example, parents can limit the time a children spend on a certain device or specific piece of software. Filters ensure that certain websites with content not suitable for children are automatically blocked. On mobile devices, the Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020 is also responsible for activating GPS tracking of children (which can be deactivated if desired). Once the child has arrived safely at his or her destination, parents are then informed on a device of their choice. In this way, buyers not only increase protection against virtual threats; potential dangers in real life are also significantly reduced.

All interested parties who buy Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020 now are also guaranteed access to their own VPN server with a data volume of up to 200 MB per day. This allows users to conceal their traces on the internet very effectively, which can be important when handling sensitive data, for example. The speed of internet access remains as high as ever, making the VPN connection an ideal method for permanently protecting your own privacy. In addition, the program monitors activities related to the microphone and the webcam: if both devices are used without authorisation, the system immediately sounds an alarm, so that a decision can be with peace of mind about how to proceed.

Since the Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020 is designed for families, the developers have also thought of people who are less experienced in computer technology. This means that the interface is designed so that functions are intuitively accessible and a user-friendly interface invites you to try them out. Everything can be installed, configured and personalised in just a few steps: from your own user account to profiles for children. Important messages are presented in an understandable way. This way children, adults and elderly people can easily handle the program. This gives buyers a single solution that can be used by all users as protection against internet threats.

Since the software must run smoothly on desktop PCs as well as on devices with macOS, Android and iOS, the developers have also significantly optimised the resource requirements. So even people with older devices can buy Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2020 and use the software without restrictions. Real-time monitoring requires very little background memory and barely noticeable CPU capacity - which increases uptime, especially on mobile devices, for more fun and productivity.

System Requirements

Operating systemMicrosoft: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, all versions of Windows 10 Apple: macOS 10.10 or better, iOS 11.2 or better Google: Android 4.1 or better
CPUIntel Core2Duo with two CPU cores and 2.0 GHz frequency or better
RAMAt least 2 GB RAM
Hard diskMicrosoft: at least 2.5 GB free hard disk capacity Apple: at least 1.0 GB free hard disk capacity
SoftwareMicrosoft: at least Internet Explorer 10 or Microsoft Edge Apple: Safari, Mozilla Firefox or latest version of Google Chrome
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