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The Lizengo bonus programme

Collect bonus points and save money on your next order.

How can I collect?

Immediately after registration, your personal points account will be set up and points will be automatically credited to your account with every order. Please note that you can only collect bonus points with an active customer account, unfortunately this is not possible with guest orders.

Composition of the points

For each purchase in our online shop, the number of bonus points is determined from the purchase value. You will receive 1.67% of the purchase value in bonus points for your next purchase, which corresponds to a value of 1.67 cents per bonus point.

Purchase value
Bonus points
£ 20
£ 0.33
£ 50
£ 0.83
£ 100
£ 1.67
£ 300
£ 5.00
£ 500
£ 8.33
Step 1
01. Collect points while shopping

With every purchase you collect bonus points. For example, if you buy for £ 100, you will receive 100 bonus points and save £ 1.67 on your next purchase. 1 bonus point = 1.67 cent discount.

Step 2
02. Redeem and save

You can redeem the points on your next purchase and save money. You can only use the bonus point programme with a customer account.

Step 3
03. Further bonus points

With every purchase you receive new bonus points, which you can redeem at the next purchase or at a later date.

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