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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 - 1 Enterprise Device CAL


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Buy Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL for safe communication It makes good... more

Product information "Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 - 1 Enterprise Device CAL"

Buy Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL for safe communication

It makes good sense to simplify corporate communication procedures by investing in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL. Server software features include allowing users to assign staff to work groups. E-mails and other communication media can be sent to each specific employee in the group - even accessing certain documents can be set up in such a way that only members of the corresponding groups have access to them. Do you want specific data sets to be distributed throughout the entire company? Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise provides the option of defining public files in order to send data quickly from A to B.

Outlook software, already widely used in firms, is recommended to exploit the many functions offered by Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL. After installing server software and linking Outlook with Exchange, Outlook´s functional scope is hugely expanded. This makes it really easy to send automated out of office messages, for example, when the e-mail recipient isn´t available. Companies purchasing Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL also have the option of sharing certain files - such as an appointment book or contact data bank - making them available to other employees.

Very importantly, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise thus reduces a company´s administrative burden. As soon as a meeting is planned, the server can access the appointment calendar of all participants involved. The server informs users if other activities are already planned for the time the meeting takes place. Since Exchange can be managed via a web app, administrators also have the option of carrying out necessary changes from any location in a short time. All these benefits help to ensure that tasks such as appointment administration, e-mails or sharing data within the firm take place in a far more flexible, simplified manner.

Companies buying Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL also benefit from the precision with which e-mail messaging can be set up. Users implement whitelists and blacklists to define exactly which senders and recipients are approved and which are not. This greatly reduces the risk involved when handling e-mails. Checking e-mails becomes generally easier too. Since messages are no longer sent directly to an e-mail server and then to the recipient, but are routed through the safe Exchange Server, all e-mails have to go through a safe anti-spam and anti-malware filter. The probability that malware inadvertently infiltrates the corporate network is therefore hugely reduced.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL additionally permits the use of address books available worldwide. Companies with a large client base in particular use this function to deal with the problem of several different versions of client addresses and other contact data existing in some cases. By using a system in which all staff have access to a single globally available data bank, you´re assured that the data are genuinely up to date. Addresses, telephone numbers etc., and also notes about the respective customer created by other staff - and even pending tasks can be synchronised through an Exchange Server.

In contrast to the Standard version, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL supports the creation of users´ own mailbox archives, amongst other functions (Office 2007 or higher). A number of technical strategies are integrated to protect against data loss. Standardised messaging means that, for example, e-mails, voice and fax messages can be bundled in a single mailbox to retain the overview. Only companies buying Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Device CAL benefit from all these functions. The Standard variant does not include these features.

This product is an Enterprise Device CAL for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, requiring a Standard Device CAL. This type of licence means that the Enterprise version of the server can be installed for all users of a specific device.We also provide user-based licenses as User CALs in our online shop.


Processor 64-bit compatible CPU from AMD or Intel (Intel Itanium is not supported)
Working memory at least 8 GB RAM for mailbox and client access
Hard dive at least 30 GB free capacity on an NTFS formatted hard drive plus 500 MB per language package
Screen monitor with at least 1,024 * 768 pixels resolution
Drive a DVD drive is needed when installing a physical storage medium
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