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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard - 10 Device CALs

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard - 10 Device CALs

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard 10 Device CALs give company computers access to the many... more

Product information "Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard - 10 Device CALs"

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard 10 Device CALs give company computers access to the many functions of the modern SQL Server 2017 database system. Every user of these devices benefits from the numerous reports and analyses provided by the SQL software. In addition, Integration Services provides a platform for solving complex business problems through data transformation solutions. SQL Server 2017 is a flexible data platform that provides a uniform user interface for all operating systems. Company employees can develop apps there using a technology of their choice. The company data can later be integrated into the new apps. No matter how large the company data volume is, SQL Server 2017 offers "Cognitive Services" to process the data with artificial intelligence.

Efficiently automated database workloads

The client licenses for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard 10 Device CALs are required to access comprehensive database module functions from certain company devices. These and other features have been improved in the 2017 version compared to the previous versions of the software. The database module in SQL Server 2017 is the most important data protection and processing service capable of mastering the most demanding data processing applications in today's enterprises. Users can create OLTP and OLAP data, for example. Advanced application components such as SQL Server Management Studio make it easy to manage database objects, while SQL Server Profiler records server events for later analysis.

Powerful enterprise data management

Users of the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard 10 Device CALs can develop individual advanced applications in a programming language of their choice. They can be run with SQL Server 2017 in Windows, Linux, and Docker containers. In addition, artificial intelligence is integrated into the database software, which provides faster insight into even large amounts of data. If required, the company's own data can also be combined with worldwide data to gain new insights. In the Standard Edition of SQL Server, basic functions for multidimensional modelling and table models are available. The 2017 version of the popular business software impresses with high scalability and reliable availability. Your users have access to various data warehousing functions such as data compression or change data capture. Different data marts can be clearly managed and used.

Differences to other SQL Server licenses

The SQL Server Standard Edition is a software that is tailored to the requirements of medium-sized companies. Therefore it works with a maximum of 24 cores and the database size is limited to 524 PB. In the Enterprise Edition, on the other hand, an unlimited number of cores are supported, since this higher-priced edition is aimed at larger companies. Each company needs one license for each server instance and additional licenses either for accessing users or for devices that use the respective server. Under the designation Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard 10 Device CALs, 10 CAL licenses can be purchased for devices.

System requirements

At least 2 GHz and 2 cores

Minimum 4 GB RAM

Hard disc capacity:
6 GB available

Resolution of at least 800 x 600 (Super VGA)

Existing internet connection 

Operating system:

Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 or Windows 8 to Windows 10

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 or Ubuntu 16.04, 
Docker Engine 1.8+ for container-based deployments; 3.25 GB RAM; file system XFS or EXT4

Further info: 
.NET 4.6 (for selecting the database engine, master data services, and replication)

Additional requirements:
Depending on the system configuration and the selected applications

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