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Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 - 10 Enterprise User CALs

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 - 10 Enterprise User CALs

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Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise User CAL - Purchase and optimal use... more

Product information "Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 - 10 Enterprise User CALs"

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise User CAL - Purchase and optimal use

Larger companies and complex structures pose particular challenges when it comes to collaboration spanning hierarchical and departmental levels Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise is the optimal tool for the implementation. Regardless of whether it's the creation of discussion groups, the management of blogs and team websites, project coordination, task management or clever content management using user-defined search functions and powerful document management functions. Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise Edition leaves no wish unfulfilled.

The Enterprise Edition offers further attractive functions in addition to those found in the Standard Edition. For each licensed user this includes the available Business Intelligence, including Visio Services, Excel Services, PerformancePoint Services and Power View. Microsofts Business Solutions are also on board, with InfoPath Services and Access Services. Added to this are useful innovations, that significantly facilitate everyday working life in complex communication environments. This also includes an extended search function, plus video search, recommendations regarding elements and entity extraction.

The most important new features in Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise User CAL

Companies that wish to purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise User CAL will also benefit from exciting new features in the 2016 edition. First and foremost is the seamless integration of Sharepoint into the Microsoft OneDrive universe. This in turn makes the management and accessing of content intuitive and simple, reagrdless or whether directly from Sharepoint or via browser access using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The following functions and properties are also new in Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise.

  • Comprehensive mobile optimisation: Location-independent work with mobile devices is becoming increasingly important. Microsoft has recognised this fact and is treating companies that purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise User CAL to a comprehensive mobile and touchscreen optimisation.
  • Zero Downtime: The problem with elaborate patch processes, along with the corresponding downtimes, has been resolved with Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise. The reduction in the number of patch packages and their downsizing by Microsoft are responsible here.
  • Larger upload files: With the current Sharepoint version Microsoft is removing the previously applicable upload limit of 2 GB per file. The recommendation is currently for a maximum file size of 10 GB.
  • Durable Links: By connecting links with the resource ID of documents, these now also remain available at all times within the scope of the data release. The days of invalid links are thus a thing of the past.
  • Simple compliance with regulations: Via the new Compliance and In-Place Policy Hold Centre, internal and statutory regulations, e.g. regarding document management, can now be drafted, managed and implemented with just a few mouse clicks.

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise with User CAL and Device CAL

In order to use Sharepoint Server 2016, companies must first purchase a server licence for each operating system instance. For actual use, access licences are in turn required. Companies can likewise purchase these Client Access Licences (CALs) from lizengo at an affordable price. Essentially, a differentiation is made between user licensing (User CAL) and device licensing (Device CAL).

Those who wish to purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise with User CAL are deciding in favour of a licensing model whereby Sharepoint is licensed for a specific user. This user can then make use of the functions of Sharepoint regardless of the respective location and device used. 

The licensing of Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise with User CAL is as such perfectly suited for employees who frequently work at different workstations. User CALs are also intended for employees who are frequently out and about with mobile devices or who work from a home office. Large companies in particular have a complex communication network, which, if necessary, must be expanded to include external employees or customers. 

In such a case it also makes sense to purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Enterprise with User CAL. Because both licence types can be flexibly combined, it is easy to get tailored system solutions up and running. Should you have any questions regarding the optimal licensing of Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016, our licensing experts are available to assist companies with advice and support at all times.

System requirements

Platform Windows
Operating system Windows Server 2012 R2 (Standard or Data Centre), Windows Server 2016 (Standard or Data Centre), Windows Server 2019 (Standard or Data Centre)
Processor 64-Bit Quad-Core CPU (Minimum)
RAM 16 GB (minimum in case of individual server role), 12 GB (minimum in case of operation within a server farm), 24 GB (or more recommended)
Graphics card N/A
Sound card N/A
Hard disk 80 GB (Minimum for the system drive), 100 GB (Minimum for the second and any subsequent drive)
Screen N/A
Optical drive Only for DVD installation

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