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Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 - 10 Standard Device CALs

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 - 10 Standard Device CALs

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Purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard with Device CAL - The... more

Product information "Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 - 10 Standard Device CALs"

Purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard with Device CAL - The tailored solution
ierarchical and departmental levels.


In addition to a trusted environment with intuitive operation, the publication of Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard Device CAL also brings with it a number of new features. With its various functions, the collaboration software covers various areas of application, which make collaboration across various hierarchical levels and departments more efficient and more simple. 

Alongside the improved collaboration using special functions in order to manage and coordinate tasks and projects, MS Sharepoint 2016 Server Standard scores points with the creation of intranet portals, team websites, discussion groups and blogs. Added to this is comprehensive content management via powerful document management functions, a user-specific search function and revised content management.

The most important new features in Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard Device CAL

As with every new release, the software developer from Redmond is not limiting itself to a visual facelift. On the functional side, companies that purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard Device Cal also benefit from numerous new features, which make collaboration as convenient and simple and possible.

  • Modern OneDrive environment: Via the seamless integration into Micosoft's OneDrive environment, the uploading and management of content is much more convenient than was previously the case. This applies both for direct access to Sharepoint and to browser access via Edge, Chrome and Firefox. What's more, compatible images and videos can now be viewed in preview mode, which significantly accelerates the browsing of large quantities of images.
  • Touchscreen and mobile optimisation: thanks to comprehensive optimisation, Sharepoint Server 2016 can now also be intuitively operated on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop computers and notebooks.
  • New Compliance Centre: By means of the In-Place Policy Hold Centre and Compliance Centre, companies can implement compliance with internal and statutory regulations in an instant. Thus, for example, the automated deletion of documents from OneDrive for Business can be quickly defined thanks to the new Compliance Centre.
  • Larger upload files: The times of uploads being limited to a maximum size of 2 GB with Sharepoint Server 2016 have been and gone. Companies that purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard Device CAL now benefit from a maximum upload size of 10 GB, as recommended by Microsoft.
  • Zero Downtime: A lower quantity of packages and a reduction in package size in Sharepoint Server 2016 are ensuring a revolution, moving away from the previous, time-wasting patch procedures. From now on downtime is a thing of the past.


Making optimal use of Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard Device CALs and User CALs

Those who wish to benefit from the advantages of Microsoft Sharepoint Standard first require a server licence. Ultimately, additional user licences are required for access. For these so-callec Client Access Licenses (CAL), Microsoft offers two different models. User CALs on the one hand and Device CALs on the other. 

User CALs are licences that are bound to a specific user. Once licensed, this user can then access the content and functions for which he is authorised from various devices, regardless of location.  

On the other hand, companies that purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard Device CAL licence Sharepoint for a specific worksation. Regardless of whether via a notebook or desktop computer, the licensed device can be accessed by any number of users. Device CALs are thus the optimal solution if the same workstation is frequently used by multiple employees. 

Both licence types can be combined without any problem and thus enable the design of a tailored licensing solution. Companies that wish to purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 Standard Device CAL are welcome to contact our licensing experts should they have any questions regarding optimal licensing.

System requirements

Platform Windows
Operating system Windows Server 2012 R2 (Standard or Data Centre), Windows Server 2016 (Standard or Data Centre), Windows Server 2019 (Standard or Data Centre)
Processor 64-Bit Quad-Core CPU (Minimum)
RAM 16 GB (minimum in case of individual server role), 12 GB (minimum in case of operation within a server farm), 24 GB (or more recommended)
Graphics card N/A
Sound card N/A
Hard disk 80 GB (Minimum for the system drive), 100 GB (Minimum for the second and any subsequent drive)
Screen N/A
Optical drive Only for DVD installation
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