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Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 - 1 Enterprise Device CAL

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 - 1 Enterprise Device CAL

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In order to make use of the interesting additional functions of Sharepoint, you can allocate the... more

Product information "Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 - 1 Enterprise Device CAL"

In order to make use of the interesting additional functions of Sharepoint, you can allocate the Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 Enterprise Device CALs to one device. In contrast to the server licence, a Client Access Licence (CAL) can be coupled to a device or a user. Here we offer the access licence for devices. This may be a desktop PC or a mobile device. This type of licence is suitable for a device on which multiple users take turns working, such as a company notebook or an office PC. An Enterprise CAL expands the many standard functions of Sharepoint with features for the collection and evaluation of economic data. 

Make business processes more efficient

Purchasing a Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 Enterprise Device CAL allows you to automate, and thus simplify, processes. To this end, forms, workflows and individual mobile apps can be created and used by employees. In order to gather and manage information, one option is to create SharePoint lists. These are similar to Excel tables and can be made available directly in the Intranet, so that many employees can benefit from them. Through the integration of MS Flow, routine tasks can be automated for individual people and for teams. The individual steps of a task can be conveniently specified in the Flow visual designer. In addition, sales information from Microsioft Dynamics can be transferred into SharePoint lists in Flow. 

Expanded scope of function with Enterprise licences

There are a host of additional functions that may make it worthwhile purchasing a Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 Device CAL. Thus, the eDiscovery content management features has been expanded with an export function, for example. The comprehensive PowerPivot app processes large quantities of corporate data to produce clear reports, which can be output either in Excel or via a special dashboard. Furthermore, users of Enterprise licences can use Access Services and InfoPath services for information processing. This enables the simple adjustment of lists using an integrated form sultion, for example. Forms can be quickly compiled, end-to-end, for inventory or asset management, for example. 

The modern way to manage corporate knowledge

Sharepoint represents intelligent search functions, with which data that is required in order to make informed decisions is made available in just a few clicks. The powerful content management of SharePoint can also be linked with contacts from Yammer with a Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 Enterprise Device CAL. With the automatic auto-complete and the eDiscovery function, the user can quickly find already searched for websites, used files or important contacts. Furthermore, Sharepoint is a very good software solution with which to integrate a large number of employees. In addition, communication websites can be added or personalised news viewed on the SharePoint home page and in the mobile SharePoint app. 

Purchase a Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 Enterprise Device CAL

Enterprise CALs are add-on licences. A Standard Device Cal is therefore required in each case. Furthermore, the server that is used also requires an Enterprise licence in addition to the Sharepoint Server Standard Licence. Prior to making a purchase decision, you should therefore consider which computers will actually be used to analyse corporate data and which will only be used to edit and distribute normal company documents. Ultimately, you can also mix Standard and Enterprise licences within a department just as you can mix User and Device CALs. As such, the Sharepoint licensing system is attempting to align itself with the requirements of medium-sized and large companies. So that you do not have to purchase all licences new at the same time, instead distributing them across multiple financial years depending on circumstances, the Sharepoint 2019 licences are backwards compatible. A 2019 version Device CAL can thus access a server on which a 2016 licence is installed. 
The competent Lizengo team is of course available should you have any further questions regarding the Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 Enterprise Device CAL. 

System requirements

Supported browsers:
Microsoft Edge; Internet Explorer 11; most recent version of Google Chrome; most recent or previous version von Mozilla Firefox or most revent version of Apple Safari
Mobile browsers:
Chrome or Safari (at least iOS10)
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