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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs

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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs are the most recent heirs to a proud tradition. The... more

Product information "Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs"

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs are the most recent heirs to a proud tradition. The first version of SQL Server was released back in 1989. The software solution has now been in continuous development for more than three decades. This is apparent when using it on a daily basis. Users who purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs receive access to a stable, well-engineered and powerful program. The developers have mastered the difficult task of maintaining and refining this over a period of decades, which really sets SQL Server apart. On the other hand, weaknesses have also been corrected.

The basic task of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs

As a relational database managemetn system, SQL Server has the task of preparing data, either upon being called up or automatically. The datasets can be called up both by regular users and by applications. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs are therefore extremely valuable in large network structures, for example, in which many processes run automatically in the background.

"Big Data": The most important new feature in SQL Server 2019

The datasets that companies of all sizes have had to deal with have been continually growing in size in recent years. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs take this fact into account: working with data quantities referred to as "Big Data" has been significantly simplified. For example, the software solution can be used as a data lake or data warehouse. To this end, assistance programs such as Hadoop Distributed File System (HFDS), Sparks and Analytics-Tools have been integrated. Linux Containers for the large datasets can also be prepared using the software.

SQL Server 2019 provides better support for application developers

Application developers who purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs receive better support than ever. The platform and language can now be freely selected. For instance, a development in Docker, Linux or in containers will now be supported by the software solution. Application development is also one of the examples of where users benefit from the improved artificial intelligence of SQL Server 2019. Much of the "translation work" from one processing language to another takes place automatically. This strength sets the software solutions AI apart: a great deal of work that previously had to be performed manually is now mastered intuitively. In addition, SQL Server users can "train" certain processes to be performed independently in future.

Power BI Report for report generation: A powerful decision-making tool

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs has also been equipped with the Power BI Report tool. This is used to generate reports. The corresponding process runs interactively and intelligently. The reports are also comprehensive. Specifically this means: the user receives comprehensive reports with the information that he actually requires. The tool is thus proving to be a valuable decision-making aid, as data can be more effectively analysed.

Data virtualisation possibilities have been developed significantly.

SQL Server has already been offering data virtualisation capability for a number of years. This process enables a standardised view of special information from the data pool, almost in real time. The 2019 version of the software solution has again significantly expanded the corresponding capabilities: Oracle, MongoDB, Terdata and a number of other SQL servers are now included for virtualisation.

Increased security for sensitive data

Data needs protection. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 takes this into account. For example, gaining unauthorised access has become much more difficult. In addition, much has been done to improve the stability of the software solution, in order that no data is lost or damaged as a result of unexpected program crashes.

The licence is suitable for one computer

Users who purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 10 Device CALs can run the program on a computer. The software solution is then user-independent. This licence is recommended, for example, for central computers or machines that run in a network structure in the background.

System requirements

Hard disc capacity: at least 6 Gb
RAM: At least 1 Gb RAM, a minimum of 4 Gb RAM is recommended
Processor: 64 Bit
.NET-Framework: 4.6 or higher
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