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100% money-back guarantee

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Thanks to the 100% Money-Back Guarantee*, you can buy from Lizengo without any cause for concern. If, after purchasing a product, you should unexpectedly realise that the purchased goods do not meet you expectations, you won't end up being saddled with the expense.

This allows you to purchase the most recent software securely and without any problems. And if you made the purchase "in error" and have not yet used the purchased products, our Customer Service will be happy to assist you with an exchange or with the cancellation of your order.

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100% money-back guarantee
Refund in case of problems

Should a cancellation take place, you will of course receive a refund of the full purchase price, thus sparing you any further inconvenience. All you require is a proof of purchase from Lizengo (by submitting the corresponding invoice, for example), and then a written confirmation that you have not used the product in question, will not use it in the future and that the product has not been handed over to third parties, nor will be in the future. As soon as we have received the written confirmation and the proof of the respective purchase, we will issue the refund of the full purchase price and will transfer the purchase amount to the bank account made known to us. Due to the associated processing required, the refund will be issued by Lizengo no later than 14 days following receipt of the proof and confirmation.

Your 4 steps to the money-back guarantee

Step 1

Request cancellation documents via the Customer Service

Step 2

Return the completed document

Step 3

Verification by our Customer Service

Step 4

Money back within 14 days

In some cases the validity period of the 100% money-back guarantee* may be limited. This refers to products that have a specified shelf life, such as microsoft Office 365. The guarantee period will of course only be shortened in the case of products with a shorter shelf life. This way you of course have the security of the 100% money-back guarantee*, even in the case of products that can only be used for a limited time.

The warranty lasts for 3 years from the date of invoice Excluded from this are products with a limited service life. In the case of these products the warranty is limited to the product's service life. On presentation of supporting evidence that the product was purchased from lizengo and of written confirmation that the product will no longer be used and also will not be passed on to third parties, 100% of the price paid for the product will be refunded without the need to provide reasons. The refund will be issued 14 days after receipt of the relevant supporting evidence and receipt of confirmation from lizengo.

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