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Information about the VAT ID


The VAT ID always starts with a two-digit EU country code.
If your company is based in Germany, your country code is, for example, DE.
A complete VAT ID for Germany also contains 9 digits. An example for a correct VAT ID would be DE123456789.

Below you will find a table with the VAT ID information for all other EU countries:

AT Austria ATU99999999 Block of 9 characters whose first character after the prefix is always a 'U'.
BE Belgium BE0999999999 or BE9999999999 Block with 10 digits, old nine-digit numbers are supplemented by prefixing the number 0.
BG Bulgaria BG999999999 or BG9999999999 Block of 9 or 10 digits
CY Cyprus CY99999999L Block of 9 characters, the last digit must be a letter.
CZ Czech Republic CZ99999999 or
CZ999999999 or
Block with either 8, 9 or 10 digits
DE Germany DE999999999 Block of 9 digits
DK Denmark DK99999999 Block of 8 digits
EE Estonia EE999999999 Block of 9 digits
GR Greece EL999999999 Prefix of EL, the ISO 639-1 code for the Greek language, followed by a block of 9 digits identical to the company's tax number, Α.Φ.Μ. (AFM). If the tax number is older and does not yet have a length of 9 digits, leading zeros are inserted between EL and the tax number. The last digit is a check digit contained in Α.Φ.Μ.
ES Spain ESX9999999X Block of 9 characters. The first and last characters can be either numeric or alphanumeric, but they cannot both be numeric. Formed by "ES" followed by CIF (Código de Identificación Fiscal) or, for freelancers (Autónomos), NIF (Número de Identidad Fiscal).
FI Finland FI99999999 Block of 8 digits
FR France FRXX999999999 Block of 2 characters, which can be either numeric or alphanumeric, followed by a block of 9 digits
GB United Kingdom

GB999999999 or
GB999999999999[16] oder
GBGD999[17] or

Block with 9 or 12 digits or block with 5 characters
  Isle of Man GB – Note: Isle of Man is not a member of the EU.
HR Croatia HR99999999999 Block of 11 digits
HU Hungary HU99999999 Block of 8 digits
IE Ireland IE9S99999L or
Block of 8 characters, the second digit can be and the last digit must be a letter, or block of 7 digits followed by a letter from A to W and a letter from A to I
IT Italy IT99999999999 Block of 11 digits
LT Lithuania LT999999999 oder
LT999999999999 (DE)
Block of 9 or 12 digits
LU Luxembourg LU99999999 Block of 8 digits
LV Latvia LV99999999999 Block of 11 digits
MT Malta MT99999999 Block of 8 digits
NL The Netherlands NL999999999B99 Block of 12 characters. The 10th digit after the prefix is always "B".
PL Poland PL9999999999 Block of 10 digits
PT Portugal PT999999999 Block of 9 digits
RO Romania RO999999999 Block of at least 2 and a maximum of 10 digits
SE Sweden SE999999999999 Block of 12 digits
SI Slovenia SI99999999 Block of 8 digits
SK Slovakia SK9999999999 Block of 10 digits
SM San Marino SM 999 or SM 99999 (examples) Non-uniform number of digits – Note: San Marino is not a member of the EU.


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