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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 - 1 Enterprise User CAL

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 - 1 Enterprise User CAL

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With the Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise 1 User CAL, a specific employee can use the... more

Product information "Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 - 1 Enterprise User CAL"

With the Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise 1 User CAL, a specific employee can use the server-software features for enhanced email communication. This is an access licence for the Enterprise version of Exchange. It is an add-on to the standard CAL from Exchange. In contrast to the Device CAL, here the access permissions are linked to an individual. Each user requires an Enterprise CAL in addition to the standard CAL, if they wish to use the advanced functionality. Before purchasing, it is important to note that the access licences are version-specific. Consequently, a CAL-version equal to or higher than that for the server should be selected.

The licensing model for Exchange Server 2016 has the following two components: the server licences offer a licence for the server software, and the client access licences control access to the server software. Every instance of Exchange Server that is running requires its own server licence. A running instance is deemed to exist every time the server software is loaded into working memory - either in a physical operating system environment or in a virtual operating system environment. 

Enterprise performance features for Exchange Server 2016

For smaller businesses the Standard Edition of Exchange Server 2016 is generally sufficient, with support for up to 5 mailbox databases. The Enterprise Edition of Exchange Server 2016, on the other hand, allows the use of up to 100 mailbox databases, which is why larger organisations generally opt for this version.

With an Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise 1 User CAL the user can access a range of functionality associated with email, calendar, contact administration and task planning. This includes the ability to use Outlook in the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge). An Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise 1 User CAL also allows use of the relevant apps. Multiple mailboxes can be integrated alongside the main mailbox. Likewise, there is an option to use role-based access control (RBAC). Documentation of operations is user-based and encrypted if required. Using the "Unified Messaging" feature, it is possible to use voice messaging and emails across different devices. Outlook Voice Access, for instance, allows messages to be listened to on any telephone. An Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise 1 User CAL also offers access to the integrated archive and to security options that protect against loss of data. 

Original software and best service

Businesses depend on secure, reliable computer programs. Exchange Server 2016 has a simplified architecture plus automated repair and faster recovery capabilities. The software facilitates corporate workflows, as you no longer need to leave Outlook in order to edit or share documents.

At Lizengo it's easy to get new, original programs for professional requirements. Useful and proven client-server software is easy to purchase and download and the licensing system means you can get things up and running quickly. The team at Lizengo will be happy to advise you on choosing the appropriate licences. You can get in touch using the chat facility or by phone or email - also if you have any questions about setting up Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise 1 User CAL. 

System requirements

for the "Mailbox" Exchange role, at least 8 GB
for the "Edge Transport" Exchange role, at least 4 GB

Hard disc capacity: 
at least 30 GB on the drive for the Exchange installation, 
500 MB for each UM language pack,
200 MB on the system drive,
a drive with at least 500 MB free disk space for the queue database 

DVD-ROM drive 

Screen resolution:
1024 x 768 pixels or higher

File format:
hard drive partitions formatted as NTFS file systems

Operating system:
Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016

.NET Framework 4.7.1 or .NET Framework 4.6.2

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