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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 - 10 Enterprise User CALs

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 - 10 Enterprise User CALs

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Product information "Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 - 10 Enterprise User CALs"

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise 10 User CALs are particularly suitable for company employees who need to access the company's data while on the move or at home. An Enterprise CAL is an add-on to the Standard CAL. It therefore only makes sense to purchase Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise 10 User CALs if Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard CALs are available or purchased in the same quantity. The combination of device and user CALs, on the other hand, is flexible. This allows you to tailor the quantities and types of access licenses precisely to the needs of your company and your employees. It should not be forgotten that each server requires its own Enterprise license. 

Enterprise functions can be used independently of the device

If a user has a standard CAL from Exchange Server 2019, he/she can already access important Exchange functions such as e-mail, calendar and contacts. If the user also receives an Enterprise CAL, further functions can be used. In contrast to the previous versions of Exchange Server, the Bing search engine with its search information and search indexes is now used to conveniently search the large number of e-mails. If you have Skype for Business 2019 or Office 365 installed, you can also use all of the software's voice mail functionalities via Cloud Voice Mail.

The sophisticated "Data Loss Prevention" (DLP) function protects against data losses for which there can be various reasons. 
Thanks to a corresponding API, the existing antivirus software can be very easily connected to the e-mail administration. The secure authentication of users via certificates is also very important. After all, no unauthorised persons should have access to company data. 

Modern enterprise communications made easy

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 offers several improvements. Among other things, there is a modernised calendar system. Similar to Office 365, an uncomplicated calendar sharing is provided. New administrator functions have been added for complex operations. They include enhanced PowerShell cmdlets and the new Do not Forward function.

Companies that purchase Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise 10 User CALs will benefit from better support for high-performance server systems. Many users will notice the faster execution of the tasks as 256 GB of memory is now supported on the server. The support of as many as 48 processors per server brings a noticeable performance optimisation. 

The software provides a global address book with easy-to-manage whitelists and blacklists so that company employees can run their day-to-day work smoothly. Especially at times when no stationary company computers are used, web access via the Outlook Web App will prove to be useful. 

Purchasing Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise 10 User CALs

Exchange Server 2019 offers several licensing options. There are server licenses that need to be assigned to all running instances of the server software on an enterprise server. The Enterprise edition is aimed at large companies that require a large number of mailbox databases because it supports a maximum of 100 mailbox databases. 

CALs are client access licenses. User CALs are necessary for all users who want to access the server software from different devices.Purchasing Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise 10 User CALs will increase productivity on virtually any platform or mobile device. At the same time, company data is protected. If you decide on the additional use of the Enterprise functions, company communication costs are further reduced. It will be easier for employees to meet compliance requirements. The new archiving and data protection functions in particular contribute to this.

On Lizengo, companies can purchase and easily obtain all desired licenses for Exchange Server 2019. 
The Lizengo team will be happy to help you if you have any questions about Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise 10 User CALs. 

System requirements

Supported clients:
Outlook 2019
Outlook 2016
Outlook 2016 for Mac
Outlook 2013
Outlook for Mac for Office 365

At least 4 GB
Graphics card n/a
Sound card n/a
Hard disk n/a
Screen n/a
Optical drive n/a

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