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Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home

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The new Windows 10 Home operating system offers both experienced users and beginners in, as the... more

Product information "Windows 10 Home"

The new Windows 10 Home operating system offers both experienced users and beginners in, as the name implies, the “home environment” ideal computer support. Just like every previous “Home” version from Microsoft, the Win 10 Home operating system stand out with its extremely user-friendly interface.  In addition, Microsoft Windows 10 Home adjusts to the device used and its properties according to the platform. System requirements for the Windows 10 Home operating system are the same as for its two predecessors, Windows 7 und 8.1. This means that even older computers can run with Windows 10 Home without a problem.

New features in the Windows 10 Home operating system

Apart from visual changes, there are a number of new features in the Windows 10 Home operating system:

  • Cortana: Personal assistant for operation of the computer
  • Microsoft Edge: New internet browser, replaces the existing Internet Explorer
  • Face and fingerprint recognition (if the appropriate equipment is available)
  • Continuum: Tablet  mode for  touch devices
  • Windows Holographic: Application platform for the associated HoloLens data glasses (augmented reality)

Programs and games

The Win 10 Home operating system also has the usual calendar, mail, music, video and photo programs. One further innovation introduced by Microsoft Windows 10 Home is the new DirectX 12. This provides even further graphics support for games. Games from Xbox One in the home network are also receiving a necessary boost in performance to enable playing or streaming.

Updated functions in the Windows 10 Home operating system

The familiar Start menu has been reworked in Microsoft Windows 10 Home and now offers a tile area which can be loaded with individual functions. The desktop in the new Win 10 Home operating system also has new functions that enable the use of multiple virtual desktops for different areas. The Windows Store has been standardised for all versions with the conversion to Microsoft Windows 10 Home. 

Security and data protection

With respect to security, the Windows 10 Home operating system supports the FIDO Alliance standard 2.0 for internet authentication. In tandem with this, “Microsoft Hello” biometric user authentication, which enables login without a password, has been introduced.  

On the issue of data protection, the user has greater freedom of choice with the Windows 10 Home operating system compared with its predecessor versions. In the system settings all links to Microsoft which transmit data to Microsoft in the form of feedbacks, for example, can be personally specified with individual menu points.  

Optimum support with Microsoft Windows 10 Home

According to Microsoft there will be no more versions of Windows published in the future. Instead, Windows will be used more as a service. This means that purchasers of Win 10 Home will not only receive updates in the form of fixes and bug fixes, but also new features which were not available at the time they made the purchase.

Attention: Please note that, with this version of Windows 10 Home the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro is not possible!

Microsoft Windows 10 Home - System requirements

Processor1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC
Memory1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard disk16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS
GraphicsDirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver


Attention: This version does not enable the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro!


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Windows 10 Home - Ratings
10 Jul 2020

Windows 10

Very good no problems arrived early and very cheap would buy again if I need it

13 Jun 2020

An excellent experience

Bought, installed, registered and working Windows 10 for £23 is very impressive. I was building a cheap but effective pc for my daughter, and £69-110 for Windows would have increased the cost of the system by 30%. So I took a risk and tried this. Not com,pletely straightforward - I was using USB stickes to install - and it took 4 or 5 attempts, some reading and thinking before it all clicked into place and worked. The instructions here and the Rufus boot sytem were not quite right for me, but using the Microsoft Windows installation media (from Microsofts website) and the product key from Lizengo, and everything suddenly went well. So 4 stars for value - and don't buy if problem solving stresses you out. But overall, this is a genuine product, it works as advertised, is outstanding value for money - especially for home computer builders, and I recommend it to anyone confident in working with computers.

19 Jan 2020

Windows 7 upgrade

Upgraded Windows 7 on a fairly old PC but still within spec for 10 upgrade. Only one (legacy) app failed to work which wasn't a problem because I never used it and should have got rid of it a long time ago! Other than that very straightforward. Great service from Lizengo!

17 May 2017


simple to install, fully functional

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