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Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate

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Support for Windows 7 was discontinued on 14.01.2020. Windows 7 Ultimate is the most... more

Product information "Windows 7 Ultimate"

Support for Windows 7 was discontinued on 14.01.2020.

Windows 7 Ultimate is the most effective and extensive version of Windows 7. The operating system has been developed above all to offer optimum support to small businesses and professional users. The Win 7 Ultimate operating system provides you with not only visual improvements, such as in the operator interface, and many new functions for professional requirements, but also the complete package of basic programs and features.

Clearly structured user interface and enhanced performance

The Windows 7 Ultimate operating system offers you more than just a new and user-friendly operator interface.  There is also a number of general visual improvements to be found in all applications of the operating system. One example is the removal of the sidebars which were found in the previous version, Windows Vista.  In the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system, widgets can be spread over the entire desktop exactly where you want them and they are no longer restricted to a position on the sidebar.  So you can design your own individual workplace and have all your vital programs and applications at your fingertips.  In addition, basic programs such as Paint and WordPad have been equipped with a ribbon menu in Win 7 Ultimate. The menu interface, familiar since Microsoft Office 2007, also provides a clear method for selecting key functions in Windows 7 Ultimate. 

Technical system optimisations in Win 7 Ultimate, such as improved management of external devices or the introduction of the new DirectX 11, offer you a powerful system. The latter improvement is responsible for ideal graphics support, and in Windows Ultimate 7 it speeds up time-consuming graphics process for you. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate now also supports alternative input devices such as tablets and associated features like multi-touch. This allows you to operate different programs in the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system simultaneously with several fingers. Compared to its predecessor, Windows Vista, Win 7’s system requirements are lower, despite the numerous new features, which is clearly shown by the optimisation process. 

All the important innovations in Win 7 Ultimate 

A visually and, above all, technically enhanced system such as Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate naturally boasts numerous new features and programs. Thanks to the following improvements, the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system is the perfect support for your computer work:


  • Device Stages: better management of external devices
  • Problem Steps Recorder: improved problem logging
  • "Libraries": key document folders clearly arranged in Explorer
  • New Security Centre: "Action Centre" for monitoring firewall and virus scanner
  • Voice commands and voice output: operational support for users with restricted capabilities
  • Jump lists: fast access to data and programs
  • Location Aware Printing
  • Remote Desktop Host


Advanced functions

For optimisation purposes, redundant features have been removed from Windows Ultimate 7. In return, extra new functions were added from the Professional version to Win 7 Ultimate. Included are support for Windows Server Domains, and XP mode, with which you can also run older programs. In addition, thanks to its extended form, the operating system also exclusively contains the “BitLocker” disk encryption program. The feature for starting virtual disks in VHD format is also taken for granted in Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate. The system language can be changed at any time. 

Secure operating system with Windows 7 Ultimate

As regards security, this has also been optimised in Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate now also offers biometric authentication as standard. Using this new feature you can log in, or perhaps grant increased rights to users, with your fingerprint. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate now also operates a "whitelist" for system programs, for example, which need no further confirmation to execute.  With a "blacklist" it is possible to record programs in Win 7 Ultimate which need to be handled separately when they execute. So Windows 7 Ultimate allows you to keep control of programs which may be critical.

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate - System requirements

Platform  Windows
Required operating system

 Windows 7 Ultimate

Processor  1-GHz-Prozessor or higher with 32 Bit (x86) or 64 Bit (x64)
Memory  1 GB for 32-Bit or 2 GB for 64-Bit
Hard disk  16 GB for 32-bit-operating system or 20 GB for 64-bit-operating system
Graphics  DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
Soundcard  N/A
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22 May 2017

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