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Windows Server 2016 DataCenter 2 Core Add-on

Windows Server 2016 DataCenter 2 Core Add-on

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 DataCenter is considered an up-to-date server solution for medium... more

Product information "Windows Server 2016 DataCenter 2 Core Add-on"

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 DataCenter is considered an up-to-date server solution for medium and large businesses. The software is an alternative to the standard version, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, and offers big advantages in terms of visualisation and many extended memory functions. With the licencing for Server 2016 DataCenter Core, Microsoft has deviated from the standard CPU licencing and has made an expansion necessary for better equipped servers with more than four processors or eight cores. With This DataCenter add-on, users gain the expansion for two additional cores to increase the performance of their server technologies without great expense.

Simple Server 2016 DataCenter Core expansion

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 DataCenter and Standard both enable the use of any number of containers in Windows Server. With Server 2016 DataCenter Core, you go beyond the licencing for Standard and benefit from any number of OSEs and Hyper-V containers. The software is primarily designed to suit the needs of larger businesses which build up complex server structures and thus rely on comprehensive memory functions for all types of data.
Due to the Server 2016 DataCenter Core licencing, there is frequently the necessity of integrating additional processors or cores into the system for growing server structures. Various models enable a precise adaption to the needs of the respective business. In this version, you gain the option of expanding different CPUs by two Server 2016 DataCenter Cores.

Using the new form of licencing for Server 2016 DataCenter

Purchasing the Server 2016 DataCenter Core add-on arises from the new licencing model that Microsoft introduced when publishing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 DataCenter and Standard. The company has replaced the CPU licencing with core licencing. For installation and use, it is assumed that a server has at least two processors, and that each of these processors has at least eight cores. In total therefore, it is assumed that there are 16 cores in the server system.
As this means that eight cores must be licenced for each CPU, the costs for each Server 2016 DataCenter Core are identical up to this point. This also applies to the Standard version of Windows Server 2016. If the server structures are expanded, this does not have to be done with a full processor with a further eight cores. With this DataCenter Core add-on, users make a manageable expansion their system by adding two cores. Depending on the expansion of the server structures, at a later time, Server 2016 DataCenter Core expansions can be made by adding two or more cores. Our vast selection of products give users the right amount of freedom to determine how many cores are appropriate for their individual needs.

Buying and using the DataCenter Core add-on immediately

After purchasing, businesses of all sizes are interested in the immediate, legal use of their additional cores. When purchasing the expansion for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 DataCenter, users have the safety of being able to incorporate this directly into their everyday work processes. All Server 2016 DataCenter Core add-ons can be downloaded simply and securely from our website for you to be able to work directly with gapless server structures. Thanks to the quick download, you can expand your server system immediately, which meets the expectations that many interested parties have of the Core add-on.
If the double core expansion from Microsoft Windows Server 2016 DataCenter is not sufficient, or other expansions seem interesting, it’s worth looking in the other categories in our shop. As well as expansions for an additional Server 2016 DataCenter Core, we also offer diverse purchase options for the Standard version, and more software relating to professional server solutions. We would be happy to advise our customers in selecting the right DataCenter Core add-on, or downloading other software affordably and directly from the internet according to their individual needs.

System requirements

Platform Windows 
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