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Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016

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To make content of any kind easier for users to access, SharePoint Server 2016 follows a simple... more

Product information "Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016"

To make content of any kind easier for users to access, SharePoint Server 2016 follows a simple navigation model based on web pages. Any content that you make available there can, for example, be accessed by other employees in a structured and simple way. As people grow up with websites today, navigating those content collections is usually especially easy. A single website can be split into many smaller sub-websites with SharePoint Server 2016 - Standard . This makes it easy to create a clear hierarchic structure for content of any kind. Smaller teams can also take advantage of this advantage by presenting and presenting project data clearly.

SharePoint Server 2016 provides the ability to sort content collections into Web pages by specific content. This makes it easy to build libraries from documents, display images or create Wikipedia-like databases of knowledge and information. For employees in companies, task lists or calendars are also interesting. For meetings, SharePoint Server 2016 also offers the option to open your own discussion forums, allowing you to adequately discuss current events in the company (or outside). In principle, the software performs many different tasks. In the end, the specific application case in the company decides what SharePoint Server 2016 will ultimately be used for.

In order to create content collections in the form of web pages, no extensive prior knowledge is necessary. Even complex projects can be provided in just a few steps thanks to the range of templates. This requires permission from the administrator. Once this hurdle has been cleared, any employee with appropriate rights can generate SharePoint collections. Templates include blank web pages or team web pages with ready-made libraries, document workspaces, meeting rooms, company-internal and external blogs, and more. Thanks to the large number of different templates, employees can access SharePoint Server 2016 within a short period of time. Connecting to Office 365 also makes it easier to integrate existing data and documents.

In addition, the setup of SharePoint Server 2016 allows the integration of template catalogues for external tasks. For example, you can generate templates for press releases or publish a template for messages. Employees from the press department can quickly access all the necessary resources such as format templates, content and much more. The software is equipped with a search function to help find the above-mentioned data. Employees can then search for specific data and data types to gain quicker access to the necessary information. All previously mentioned tasks can be performed by employees in any web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

In SharePoint Server 2016, web designers have the ability to fine-tune the design of web pages so that the user no longer notices the connection to SharePoint. It is therefore also possible to easily create content collections decorated with elements from the corporate identity of the respective company. This is advantageous if certain elements are to be made available to customers and other guests. Colours, shapes, fonts & etc. can easily be modified by experienced web designers and can be adapted to the specific needs of the company.

System requirements

CPU: Intel or AMD CPU with 64-bit support, at least four CPU cores

RAM: at least 16 GB to 24 GB RAM depending on the application

Hard disk: at least 80 GB for the system drive, an additional 100 GB per additional drive as data memory

Network: at least 1 Gbit/s transfer speed from server to all external devices

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